Fringefeed | 28 Jan 2020

Hot Sauce Burlesque

One Night with Hot Sauce Burlesque

Sexy. Hilarious. Unforgettable. You won’t want to miss this sizzle show at FRINGE WORLD! Hosted by the glamourous and cheeky Boo Dwyer, each act is an exciting surprise to please any audience. Listen as the crowd ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s, clapping with thunderous applause, and be ready to double over in laughter at the genius comedy the night offers.

From sensual burlesque, to (real!) firey seduction and of course, a very hot fireman, there’ll be plenty to tell your friends about. Featuring the gorgeous blonde bombshell and talented Lyra LaBelle alongside a slew of dazzling international and Australian performers, some from our own humble shores, it’s a night packed with enough sizzle to last you until the next Fringe season! Don’t forget the hysterical stand-up performance by Chris Turner, a self-professed rap god who isn’t ‘as bad as you think’, and you’ll be going home with some very sore but happy cheeks.

Remember that you’re not just coming for a night of wonders but for a night of fun – don’t be alarmed when you get asked to play ‘Suck and Blow’ with the rest of the audience, or become part of the performance by sitting in the much-coveted front row seats – just remember to come in ready for a good time!

This show is not for the tame and weak-hearted, but is definitely a lot of fun and will guarantee plenty of laughter. Grab a couple of tickets for yourself and some friends (or even family!) and get ready for one of the best nights of your life.

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Tiffany Ko

Tiffany is a Fringe enthusiast and loves all things wonderful and weird. She’s excited to come back for a second time to spill the tea on everything this year’s Festival has to offer. When she’s not out catching shows, she’ll most likely be working on her TBR pile or looking for new lit journals to subscribe to.

Ticket Price $25 - $29

End Date 02 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $25 - $29
  • End Date 02 Feb 2020
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Love love love this kind of show, kept me laughing and loves the outfits ! Destination Perth

Reviewed by Tracey Cinavas-Prosser 2020

A real treat of a variety show - every act different. We went just expecting burlesque but got so much more! We laughed, cheered, drooled and loved every moment.

Reviewed by Stacey 2020