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Dave Callan Feat. Rove McManus In XXV

Celebrating 25 years of comedy together, Dave Callan and Rove McManus have reunited and invited everyone in Perth to join in their reminiscent journey.

Returning to their hometown, where they first met, Callan and McManus share stories of their instant bond, their early years of unpaid stand-up comedy shows and their move to the eastern states.

This show is mainly for existing fans of the renowned comedians, as there is a lot of nostalgia with video clips showing various periods of their careers and photos representing their friendship.

The two each have their own individual performances and then share the stage together.

For those who saw McManus last time he was in Perth, he has shifted the theme from mothers to his child. He shared stories about kid’s parties and how children are often wiser than their parents.

Callan has throwbacks to his previous show and even brings back the same amazing dancers to perform some of the highlights. There were great pop-culture references such as jokes about Home and Away, and the lyrics to John Farnham’s You’re The Voice.

While the majority of the show transitioned smoothly, there was one small hiccup. It was surprising to see Callan repeat the same joke he had made earlier in the night.

However, he laughed it off and when McManus returned to the stage he did not let it go, referring back to the mistake and making his own great jokes about it.

The show was well customised for the local audience with references to Perth suburbs and schools, which the audience enjoyed. The crowd was also very responsive, joining in when asked but also when they were not.

Callan and McManus responded well to the heckling, however at times they relied on easy jokes, like referring to an audience member being their mother.

While the screen and props were used well, I found their overacting at pretending they did not know what was to come next a bit too inauthentic and distracting.

The video content did however provide credibility in showing their close relationship. I hope this bromance continues and we see more of these brilliant comedians together.

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