Fringefeed | 20 Jan 2020

Comedy Striptease

Featuring local, interstate and international comedians, the artists all put their talents to the test, with dire consequences should they fail to entertain.

This light-hearted comedy showcase will have you in stitches; and if they fail to do so, they will lose more than their self-confidence.

If nothing else, this show provides an excellent comedic line-up, a sure-fire cheerful way to end a long day or week on a good note.

Once each comedian has had their turn to perform, the audience gets the opportunity to vote for the two artists (out of four) who were least entertaining, at which point they’re provided with some background music (and perhaps a prop or two) as they make a last-ditch attempt to get you laughing.

Definitely not one for the whole family, but a show that is determined to entertain one way or another.

Make sure you get front row tickets to the action – although you sit there at your own peril!

About the Author

Amy Kapernick

Amy is a freelance developer, who spends her time volunteering at various community events in Perth, works as an evangelist for YOW! and is a Twilio Champion. In her spare time, she blogs about tech, the web and life and speaks at various conferences all over the world.

Ticket Price 20 - $25

End Date 15 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price 20 - $25
  • End Date 15 Feb 2020
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Reviewed by Nat 2020

Very disappointed! Would definitely NOT RECOMMEND this show to any friends. One comedian called a woman in the crowd a whore, that’s not comedy.
Very sad way to end what’s otherwise been a great fringe 2020 season. I’ve been to numerous shows over the last three weeks, this one sucked balls!

Reviewed by Kelly 2020