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Best of Edinburgh Comedy

Hosted by openly gay Glaswegian comedian Scott Agnew the frenetic pace and theme of the night was set by this man mountain.

I say gay because Agnew has a show at FRINGE WORLD called Scott Agnew: Queen of Scotland and he unashamedly promotes his sexuality throughout his introduction by hitting on some of the younger male members of the audience in the front row and in the process promote his one hour show.

The front row is uncomfortable but the audience are lapping it up.

The first act is Scotland’s Comedian of the year Marc Jennings. He starts off quite slowly, being distracted by a heckling Scottish audience, but then warms up with his stories of his homeland and still living at home at the age of 30.

The jam-packed audience is warmed up but nowhere near hot; until, by his own admission, the pint sized ginger Irishman Rory O’Hanlon shoots off a series of bullet-like self deprecating jokes and has the audience gasping for breath.

His observations of Aussie culture are spot on and his imitation of the dinky di Australian accent is tone perfect. He leaves the audience in raptures at the end of his set.

How could this be topped or even equaled? Well quite easily if your name is Mandy Knight.

Knight comes on stage dressed in a tight Chinese cheongsam you are immediately confused by a petite older English comedian blatantly culturally appropriating; but that’s the name of the game when it comes to Knight’s humour. She is quick- witted, loud, inappropriate and uproariously funny.

She precedes to heckle the crowd at one stage taking aim at an audience member for having a face like a black tunnel for not laughing at her one liners and sexually charged jokes.

All four comedians have their own shows I suggest you do your self a favour and go and see them.

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Darren Moldrich

Darren graduated from Murdoch University with a Communications degree. He currently works in the cinema industry and in the past has been an actor in theatre productions. After writing for The Music magazine for the Comedy Festival and movie reviews, he comes to FRINGE WORLD armed with an eclectic experience and an appreciation of all things Fringe.

Ticket Price $15 - $25

End Date 16 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $15 - $25
  • End Date 16 Feb 2020
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Not bad.... first act after the MC was lacklustre.... maybe he could have been replaced with a woman, since this show had Zero

Reviewed by Katy 2020