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Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes

As word spreads around FRINGE WORLD, the Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes will need to take place in a bigger venue.

The Gold Digger was brimming. Pre show, audience members were asked to write titles of possible Sherlock Holmes stories which were placed in a hat. Members of the UK Racing Minds Team then delivered an outstanding show sparked by some of these titles.

Dr Watson, played flawlessly by Alice Winn, and a mysterious stranger, played by Tom Skelton, warmed up with a quick improv story about ‘The Dastardly Wench’, the first title drawn from the hat. Daniel Nils joined in on the action and it quickly became clear that this trio were masters. The game was afoot.

The audience was clearly thrilled at impossibly ridiculous scenarios. The central story materialised after the second title was read out. However, rather than being set in underworld Victorian Britain as expected, it was set in 1902 Australia.

A great Statesman was in danger after being threatened by an upcoming Prime Minister. They could have put the title back and drawn out another, but the challenge was embraced. We somehow ended up in Broome. Luckily, Tom Skelton who plays Sherlock Holmes had some knowledge about Australian politics and Matsos Brewery. His co-stars relished in throwing more challenges his way, insisting he also play the endangered Statesman.

This proved hilarious with two characters being played simultaneously by one actor. Skelton was solid gold.

Swift deductions and clever vocabulary abounded. Sherlock Holmes was shocked to find that a corpse wasn’t the handsome man he expected to find, but somebody who looked more like a “wretched tarantula”.

The new Prime Minister played by a commanding Daniel Nils, dramatically announced he would “Staunch the wound that democracy is bleeding out.” He then granted Sherlock Holmes his wish, knighting him “Sir Sherlock Holmes of Broome.”

All three performers displayed a high level of showmanship transforming seamlessly into other characters.

Not many foreign actors can execute the perfect Australian accent. Buoyant group energy, precision timing and overall comic genius made for simply marvellous entertainment. Exhilarating! The best of its kind.

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Simone Keane

Simone Keane is a writer and musician from WA’s south coast. When she is not performing, she enjoys being entertained and writing about it. She has freelanced for arts, music and lifestyle magazines Forte and Aurora.

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Tonight’s the last night of this show for the season and if you are looking for a hilarious Monday evening I say go for it!

I’m not a regular attendee of improv but I was laughing so hard through this show.

Perhaps it was the accents - or maybe just the height of Daniel Nils Roberts - but I got a real faulty towers vibe which was great 🕵🏻‍♂️

Audience members supply storyline prompts at the beginning, and the cast pick one out of a hat and just go for it!

It’s deliciously awkward and suspenseful as you wonder how the hell they will manage to make it all fit together into something cohesive and funny. And there’s a happy sense of communal relief when the jokes and storyline actually work.

My partner was skeptical that they had improvised the entire show as it seemed so well structured and witty, but we spoke to others in the audience (members of the Sherlock Society! How cute!!!) who had been multiple times and assured us it was different each night.

The cast have their own shows during Fringe and after seeing them here I’m booking myself tix for those too!

Thanks for a hilarious night!

Reviewed by Lauren 2020

My partner and I had such a wonderful time watching this fantastic (and hilarious!) show. The performers are so very clever to be able to improvise completely and to have everything tie up perfectly by the end. Because it’s different every night, I’m definitely going to see it again. 100% recommend as it’s witty, clever and very funny.

Reviewed by Caroline 2020