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30 Years Single

I ran into Daniel Delby, star and creator of the comedy show 30 Years Single, about 15 minutes before his Friday night performance. We chatted for a bit, I asked if he was a bit nervous.

“Nah,” he said confidently, “Not at all.”

And he was absolutely right to be that confident.

30 Years Single is a hilarious, warm, and engaging performance about living as a 30-something high school teacher traversing the landscape of love in Perth.

Delby deftly weaves personal anecdotes with brilliantly clever jokes, telling stories of rejection, his students, and all aspects of his life with humour and charisma.

The audience was engaged from the get-go, fabulously infatuated by Delby.

He talks about growing up in Wanneroo, about travelling overseas and interstate, about teaching science to a group of loud-mouth kids, about his unlucky in love adventures, all with a self-deprecating but whimsical tone.

An incredibly clever comedian, he knows how to land a punchline (and how to recover from one that didn’t land), throw-in call-back jokes, and improvise jokes, stories, love songs, and raps. He is completely engaged with the audience, clearly having a blast, and exudes charisma and charm.

Comedy is not an easy schtick, but Delby makes it seem like a breeze. Any awkward pauses were saved quickly, any fumbles brushed away with a laugh. A skilled comedian knows how to read his audience and act accordingly, and Delby does that with ease.

Also, let me add, if you think a comedian improvising a rap on the fly is going to be bad, you’d be dead wrong when it comes to 30 Years Single.

I didn’t know what I was expecting going into this show, but I was laughing the whole time, giggling at moments of dark humor, and absolutely thrilled by the comedian’s talent and timing.

30 Years Single is a hilarious, relatable, and witty serving of comedy that is delicious as it is entertaining.

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Ticket Price $20

End Date 15 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $20
  • End Date 15 Feb 2020
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Delby is a very good comedian and just as good and not finding love (unfortunately of course). All his punch lines hit with great effect and relate back through his set over its entirety. I have had the pleasure of seeing him on stage several times and have never been disappointed to date. Highly recommend getting along and getting a seat at his "30 Years Single" set!!!

Reviewed by Daniel Adamson 2019